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  • Nutrition
  • Diagnostics & Advancements
  • Functional & Integrative Solutions
  • Wellness For You & Your Practice


It’s the cornerstone of good health. Learn more about the latest trends on diet and supplements, and how they can help the animals in your practice.

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Such an exciting field! Find out about the latest technologies and how you can incorporate them into your practice to help improve patient outcomes.

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  • Dr. Michelle Kutzler
  • Long-Term Adverse Health Effects of Desexing: Neoplastic Diseases
  • Long-Term Adverse Health Effects of Desexing: Non-Neoplastic Diseases
  • Surgical Alternatives to Spaying and Neutering
  • Non-Surgical Alternatives to Spaying and Neutering
  • Dr. Dawn Kingsbury
  • Utility of microbiome testing in clinical practice with case studies
  • Chronic Enteropathy
  • Dr. Marlene Siegel
  • Adding New Tools to the Toolkit
  • Photobiomodulation
  • Introduction to Ozone Therapy
  • Hormesis
  • Dr. Karen Gellman
  • Postural Rehab


Are there other options out there in addition to what you learned in veterinary school? Absolutely! Our experts share proven techniques for saving lives and achieving better quality of life for patients.

Lecture Topic Sneak Peak:​
  • Dr. Rob Silver
  • The Truth About Cannabis: An Expert’s Overview
  • The Endocannabinoid System & Veterinary Applications
  • Cannabis Practicum: Cases, Applications, Product Selection using Laboratory Analyses and Dosing Strategies
  • Integrative Oncology: What You Can Do as an integral part of your patient’s super team
  • Chronic Kidney Disease: There’s more you can do!
  • Dr. Kendra Pope
  • The Oncology Toolbox: From Integrative Therapies to Cancer-Busting Supplements
  • Dr. Terri McCalla
  • The Squinting Cat: Strategies for Feline Herpetic Ocular Disease
  • Dr. Terri McCalla & Dr. Carmen Colitz
  • The Aging Eye: Degenerative Retinal Diseases: Inherited, Age-related and Acquired
  • Dr. Carmen Colitz
  • Antioxidants and The Aging Eye: Nuclear Sclerosis, Cataract, and Lens Luxation


It’s not easy to run a practice and stay balanced. Discover the latest business tools geared at successfully managing and growing your practice. And learn techniques for staying healthy in mind and body, too!

Lecture Topic Sneak Peak:​
  • Dr. Ernie Ward
  • Our passion, our profession, our gift. How to open your mind to live up to your highest potential.
  • Dr. Lowell Ackerman
  • Problem-free patients -- How to promote a lifetime of care
  • Paul Camilo
  • Part 1: Fear Free Dentistry
  • Part 2: Fear Free Dentistry
  • How to Make “Best” Medicine The Best Option
  • Creating a Culture of Fun
  • Nadine Hamilton
  • Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
  • Coping with Change and Uncertainty