What is IVCVX?

IVCVX is the first VIRTUAL veterinary conference and trade show…on the moon!

Focused on innovative solutions and strategies in veterinary medicine, IVCVX will help you discover the latest trends, technologies, and treatments in a supportive and fun environment. It’s where great minds meet!

Mission & Values

IVCVX is created and powered by Redstone Media Group, the publishers of Innovative Veterinary Care Journal, Animal Wellness, and Equine Wellness Magazines.

Since 1999, Redstone has championed for wellness through its publications and associated websites. Our fundamental philosophy is to provide a platform for learning that does not judge or preach, but addresses education with an open minded, logical and unbiased approach. This innovative, inclusive style of sharing and learning respects scientific and evidence-based studies, with an end to providing the best possible care for each individual animal.

About IVC Journal

IVC Journal is an invaluable resource for staying informed on innovative veterinary care!

IVC Journal Magazine IVCVX Mission Spread

IVC Journal delivers leading edge articles from the top experts in their fields, and covers:

  • Trending health treatments and products
  • Current nutrition education
  • Industry news
  • Self-care
  • Innovative and integrative modalities
  • Emerging diagnostics & techniques
  • Marketing, retail tips, and so much more!

IVC Journal helps bridge the gap between allopathic and integrative veterinary care, the fastest growing trend in the pet industry today, and teaches veterinarians and technicians tools for enhancing and running their practices. As attractive as it is informative, IVC Journal’s easy-to-follow layout has garnered kudos the world over!

IVC Journal is available both in print and digital format.

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