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Diagnostics & Scientific Advancements

Laser Pain Management in the busy practice: Yes, you do have time!
Dr. Mike Petty
Using Microbiome Testing to Guide Manipulation of the Gut Microbiome in Clinical Practice
Dr. Dawn Kingsbury & Dr. Holly Ganz
How to Incorporate Regenerative Medicine Into Your Practice
Dr. Sherman Canapp
Chronic Enteropathy, Leaky Gut Syndrome and Mechanisms
Dr. Dawn Kingsbury
Photobiomodulation: How LLLT Lights the Way for Healing
Dr. Marlene Siegel
Why Posture Matters
Dr. Karen Gellman
Why Abnormal Compensatory Posture is So Common in Domestic Animals
Dr. Karen Gellman
EMFs - Is EMF Exposure Really a Big Deal?
Dr. Odette Suter
EMFs - Protection & Remediation
Dr. Odette Suter
Shining a Light in the Dark: Dosing Laser Therapy for Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Myelopathy
Dr. Lisa Miller

Innovative Techniques

Long-term Adverse Health Effects of Desexing: non-neoplastic diseases
Dr. Michelle Kutzler
Long-term Adverse Health Effects of Desexing: Neoplastic Diseases
Dr. Michelle Kutzler
Surgical Alternatives to Spaying and Neutering
Dr. Michelle Kutzler
Non-Surgical Alternatives to Spaying and Neutering
Dr. Michelle Kutzler
Fear Free Dentistry
Paul Camillo
The Evolution of the Innovative Veterinary Healer
Dr. Ernie Ward
Step into the Matrix. Feline communication for the veterinary team
Dr. Lisa Radosta
Introduction to Ozone Therapy
Dr. Marlene Siegel
Foundations for Fear Free Feline Restraint
Dr. Lisa Radosta
Increasing success of Microbiome Restorative Therapy (MBRT) by treating biofilm
Dr. Margo Roman

Integrative Solutions

Adding New Tools to the Toolkit: Part 1
Dr. Marlene Siegel
Adding New Tools to the Toolkit: Part 2
Dr. Marlene Siegel
Intro to Cannabis: What’s the truth & what’s trending
Dr. Robert Silver
Cannabis and The Big Three - How to Manage Pain, Cancer, and GI issues
Dr. Robert Silver
Cannabis in Practice: Cases, Applications, and Tips on Product Tests and Dosing
Dr. Robert Silver
Chronic Kidney Disease: There’s More You Can Do!
Dr. Robert Silver
The Squinting Cat: Strategies for Feline Herpetic Ocular Disease
Dr. Terri McCalla
How chiropractic helps the body heal itself
Dr. Bill Ormston
Integrative Oncology: What You Can Do as an Integral Part of Your Patient’s Super Team
Dr. Robert Silver
The Oncology Toolbox: From Integrative Therapies to Cancer-busting Supplements
Dr. Kendra Pope

Nutrition & Supplements

The Health, Safety, and Convenience of Fresh Food
Dr. Barbara Royal
Managing Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Microbiome & Mitochondria: Practical Solutions to Biome Problems
Dr. Barbara Royal
Nutritional Support for the Canine Brain
Dr. Valarie Tynes
Pet Nutrition in Flux - Why Whole Food Still Makes the Most Sense
Dr. Tom Cameron
Plant Based Nutrition for Dogs
Dr. Jennifer Adolphe & Sarah Dodd
Pet Food Facts and Fallacies
Dr. Donna Raditic
Proactive Nutrition
Dr. Donna Raditic
The Aging Eye: Degenerative Retinal Diseases — Inherited, Age-related and Acquired
Dr. Carmen Colitz
Antioxidants and The Aging Eye: A Closer Look at Nuclear Sclerosis, Cataract, and Lens Luxation
Dr. Carmen Colitz
When it Comes to CBD Pet Supplements, Know the Law and Prioritize Quality
Bill Bookout

Wellness for You & Your Practice

Telemedicine: Extending Care Beyond Your Walls
Dr. Hilary Jones
How To Make Best Medicine The Best Option for clients
Paul Camillo
Problem-free patients - How to Promote a Lifetime of Care
Dr. Lowell Ackerman
Creating a Culture of Fun
Paul Camillo
Imposter Syndrome in the Veterinary Profession
Dr. Nadine Hamilton
What You Need to Know About How Supplements are Regulated, and How to Help Your Clients Select Quality Products
Bill Bookout
Biosecurity in practice: working together to prevent infectious disease
Lucas Pantaleon
Change and Uncertainty - Coping in Difficult Times
Dr. Nadine Hamilton

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